P&F Executive Committee

P&F Executive Committee


President: Mrs M O’Callahan

Vice President: Mrs L Rogers

Treasure: Mrs C Lewis

Secretary: Currently Vacant – seeking applicants

Pastoral Liaison: Ms R Gott

School Committee: Mrs M O’Callahan, Mrs C Lewis,  Mrs J Cremona, Mrs L Sammour, Mrs S Wilson and Mrs L Rogers

PRC Rep: Mrs C Lewis

Social and Public Affairs: TBC


St Finbar’s Primary Glenbrook, Parents and Friends Association is part of the Parish of St Finbar’s and works in collaboration with the School Principal and Parish Priest. The Executive is made up of members (parents and guardians with children enrolled in the school) and ex-officio members of the association (Parish Priest, School Principal and School Assistant Principal). 4 elected office bearers manage it: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and up to two other members in roles determined by the members at the AGM.

President’s role: Chair meetings, prepare AGM in collaboration with members, liaise with Principal and Parish Priest, prepare agenda for meetings and ensure smooth running of meetings.

Vice President’s role: support the President; preside as chair in Presidents absence.

Secretary’s role: Take minutes of all business, ensure president signs minutes, receive and deal with correspondence, maintain correspondence, give notice of agenda to all members, maintain register of members.

Treasurer’s role: Receive all monies and keep accurate records, obtain and keep receipts for all monies, banking of monies, present a statement of accounts at each general meeting, present at the AGM an audited statement of accounts, present at AGM an anticipated set of accounts for the year ahead.

The Executive Committee meet approximately once every month during the school terms, volunteering their time to make decisions related to:

- promoting the interest and public image of St Finbar’s School and Catholic Education generally, - provide a forum for discussion on education and pastoral matters,

-promotes activities to assist and support school to acquire teaching resources and maintain and improve the school buildings and grounds and,

- to provide opportunities to come together as a School to build and celebrate our community.