About Us

We are the learning community of St Finbar’s Catholic Primary Glenbrook.


By sending your child to St Finbar’s, you have openly, and at personal cost, affirmed your belief in the basic values of a Christian Education. Your home, of course, is your child’s first classroom and their first Church. We, as a staff, attempt to build on the values and skills that you have taught your children.

We want to assist you in preparing your child for the vastly different world and the challenges that are ahead of them.

Your child’s management of life will require the skills of being able to read and write and be numerate. They also will need to be good researchers, critical thinkers, problem solvers and have an ability to work within a team. We seek to challenge all children to strive for personal best.

We hope you enjoy discovering how we live out our faith, seek truth in our relationships and grow as lifelong learners.

Click on any or all topics that interest you, and feel free to get in touch today to learn more.