Religious Education

Connecting with the Catholic faith and traditions in a meaningful way enriches students’ lives.

Our school follows the Diocesan Religious Education syllabus, 'Sharing Our Story' which connects faith, learning and life.

Students learn through developmentally sequenced units of work which build their understanding of the key concepts of God, Jesus, church, Sacraments, Scripture, Christian life and prayer.

We are blessed to have our parish church on site, enabling the children to join together in liturgy with our parishioners. Each term masses are celebrated for our school community and, where relevant, prayer liturgies were held for our young students.

Our Catholic Tradition  Religious Education in the Diocese of Parramatta



Celebrating our faith

The Sacramental program is run as a parish-based program but is supplemented and supported with a high level of school involvement. The school is seen as one ministry among the many in the St Finbar's Parish.

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Social Justice

Social justice initiatives are a key aspect of our school’s Religious Education program. Our school strives to live Mary MacKillop’s creed of: ‘Never see a need without doing something about it.'. With this as our guide, we support initiatives including St Vincent de Paul and Caritas Australia.

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Student Wellbeing

St Finbar's has a pastoral approach to discipline with a strong commitment to encouraging even the youngest students to 'own their behaviour' and take responsibility for their actions. This is fostered through the living of our school’s three expectations: be respectful; be a learner; be safe.

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