Social Justice

St Finbar's Primary School fosters in its community members an emphasis on being active citizens through social justice.

The learning experiences are not merely fundraising experiences but rather opportunities for all members of the community to deepen their awareness of the need for social justice by responding in a spirit of service.

At St Finbar's Primary School we value our strong partnership with Caritas Australia through Project Compassion.

Each year each class in the school selects a Catholic organisation and researches the ways this organisation supports those who were in need. Each class then hosts a social justice day where they inform the rest of the school about their organisation. Students then organise and lead a social justice initiative with their class allowing them to reach out collectively and help others in need.

Typically these activities to raise funds were:

  • cake stalls
  • competitions
  • awareness raising activities and
  • mufti-days.

Children are also invited to create a social justice group that had the aim of educating about social justice and discussing how we can all help others in need.





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